About us

Who we are

Oleter Group is a market-leading provider of mission-critical Property Damage Restoration (PDR) services in the Nordics. Founded in 1964 with two sites, Oleter Group has grown from a Swedish national franchise in the early 2000sprofessional investors Klar Partners are our main owner. Today Oleter Group employs over 2000 PDR professionals in over 100 locations across the Nordics. Service Delivery is done in five parent companies, Ocab, Planea, Frøiland Bygg Skade and ISV Trinava. Based on our leading position in Sweden and Norway and strong foothold in Denmark we aspire to create a new European market leader. Primary leavers for the journey are growth through M&A, Digital Leadership and Sustainability.

Key Figures

  • #1 in Sweden, #3 in Norway, with a foothold in Denmark
  • Over 100000 PDR jobs delivered annually
  • 10% average organic growth last five years
  • 30+ acquisitions last seven years

Core values

Together, Quality and Sustainability form the cornerstone of our business values, guiding every decision we make. We believe that by embracing collaboration, we can create extraordinary outcomes. Our commitment to quality ensures that every product and service we offer exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on our customers. But we don’t stop there. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to protect our planet and leave a positive legacy for future generations. With Together, Quality, and Sustainability as our guiding principles, we are dedicated to building a better future for all.